Remington Straightener Price in Pakistan

Remington straightener price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 6,900 to Rs 26,000. Being offical dealer of Remington we offer their straightener at the most afforable rates. So a good Remington straightener from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 13,600. Some of these commonly sold straightener includes, Remington Coconut Smooth Hair Straightener S5901, Remington Hair Straightener My Stylist S1A100, Remington Hair Straightener My Stylist S1A100 and Remington Curl & Straight Confidence 2in1 Straightener.

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Whether you have thick, fine, frizzy, or colored hair, Remington has the best hair straightener as per your requirement that suits your particular hair type. Furthermore, it comes with intelligently designed ceramic plates infused with different hair care materials that make Remington hair straighteners outshine others, making them one of the most demanded hair straighteners in Pakistan and worldwide.

If you are looking for a Remington hair straightener for you, this article will help you select one and guide you about types, features, and Remington straightener price in Pakistan.

Features of Remington Hair Straighteners

Here are some of the dominant features that you would find in Remington hair straighteners.

Smooth Glide

These hair straighteners come with some of the smoothest ceramic plates that glide more smoothly than otherwise. As a result, there is no hair pricking during its usage. Further, this ensures a smoother surface of hair straighteners that makes them long-lasting.

Multiple Layers of Protection

Starting from 4x protection – Anti-static, high-quality ceramic, tourmaline enabled, and Smooth glide plates that are found in its basic models, Remington has much more level of protection to offer in its higher models.

Instant heat up 15 sec

If you have to wait too long for your hair straighteners to heat up, then Remington has the best hair straighteners to offer, as they instantly heat up in just 15 seconds.

Automatic shut off 60 minutes

Moreover, these straighteners automatically shut off within 60 minutes of standby time and ensure safety.

Variable Temp Control

With a very realistic heat setting that starts from 150°C and goes up to an impressive 230°C, Remington gives you full control over the temperature range for your ideal hair conditions.
Furthermore, some of Remington’s professional hair straighteners come with automatic temperature setting features which adjust according to your hair conditions.

Different Types of Remington Hair Straighteners

Instead of complicating things, here are different types of Remington hair straighteners that you will get in the market.

Regular Ceramic Plates

This is the basic and economical type of Remington hair straightener that comes with 4x protected ceramic plates, which is by no means inferior in quality. When compared with other brands, it outstands well. Instead, it has some of the best quality to offer and is ideal for personal usage on standard hair.

Advanced Ceramic Coated Plates

Then Remington has its advanced ceramic coated plates infused with different hair care materials that make the straighteners ideal for a particular type of hair. That gives it special properties like color protection, shine therapy, radiance and shine, keratin protection, and more, depending on the infused substance.

Suspended Ceramic Plates

Another special type of Remington hair straightener is its intelligently designed suspended plates hair straighteners. If you use a regular straightener, then you will value its advantage as due to suspended ceramic plates, its body doesn’t get heated up, which makes it more secure and comfortable to use.

Hair Straightener Brush

Lastly, one of the most intelligently designed hair straighteners is its 2-in-1 hair straightener + brush, which lets you stylize your hair like a brush while straightening it up. Furthermore, due to its brush-like design, this hair straightener is much more intuitive to use.

Updated Price of Remington Hair Straighter 2023

Getting to the prime factor – the Remington straightener price in Pakistan, here we have made it much easier by providing you with a comprehensive price list.

Yes, Remington has a huge price range, as it has a lot of models. But, putting it in a simpler way, the regular Remington straightener can cost you 8,100 PKR and will increase upto 10,000 PKR depending on the additional feature. At the same time, professional Remington hair straightener price in Pakistan starts from about 13,500 PKR and can go upto 25,000 PKR depending on the features.

Warranty of Remington Straightener

Remington comes with different warranting for its hair straighteners. Its standard hair straighteners have a 1-year official warranty, while its professional hair straighteners come with 3 years of warranty. However, you can only avail warranty when you purchase from official sellers like Also, we recommended contacting the seller to help you out in case your hair straightener gets damaged.