Sony LED Price in Pakistan

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Sony has built its reputation of manufacturer of some of the best LEDs in the world in terms of features, display, processing power, and sound effect. It works well with harmony with many other smart devices which would be discussed later. Therefor Sony LED remains in constant demand by its lovers who want to have best of the best LED.

In this section, we would have a look at Sony LED TVs with special reference to the Pakistani Market. Also, we would have a look at Sony LED TV price in Pakistan to help out our readers to buy their desired Sony TV.

Features of Sony LEDs

First of all, we would discuss some standard features that are in latest LEDs, if not in all of its LED.

Android TV

All the Sony Latest LEDs are powered by Android that makes them smart. Thereby, there is a built-in play store form which you can have access to thousands of android apps just from your couch. Also, you can use exclusive android feature of ‘OK Google‘ and Google Search on this device.

Smart TV features

Sony Smart TV includes many smart features like built-in Chrome Cast and Apple Air Play. Through these features, you can connect easily to your smart phones and other smart devices and PC to share its screen of larger Sony LED display.

Also, these LED has Bluetooth options form which you can easily connect your headphone and speakers and experience unparallel sound experience.

Amazing Gaming Experience

As we all know that Sony has gaming field at its center and has made several gaming devices like Play Stations, PSPs, etc. Therefore, its LEDs are especially designed to enhance the gaming features even further.

Sony LEDs come with higher aspect ratios than any other LEDs that perfectly suits wider screen games and game bars. Also, these LEDs have Variable Refresh Rates which helps in automatically enhancing the refresh rate upto 120Hz to reduce motion lag and blur picture. Also, these LEDs have Auto Low Latency Mode that perfectly synchronizes your LEDs with the gaming modules. As a result, all your commands are performed without any lag.

Thus, if you have a gaming module like PS or X-Box this Sony LED TV would further enhance your gaming experience.

Bavaia Sync

Sony has its state-of-the-art Bravia Sync feature that is powered by Google TV. You can easily connect all your smart devices through this LED and make an eco-system. For example, you can connect your door cameras, mobile phones, Speakers, PC, etc, and can access them just through a voice command though you Sony TV.

Amazing Sound Experience

All Sony LEDs have amazing sound experience with 20W dual speakers. The latest models of Sony have original tracking sound (OTS) technology through which these Sony LEDs can automatically analyze the content in order to produce 3D sound effect.

This feature is exclusively available in all Sony Bravia XJ / XR series and Master Series and would remain continued in upcoming models.

Ultimate Display Experience

Sony has some of the finest LED displays and some of its higher models in Master and Bravai XR series are award winning LEDs. Its screen resolution ranges form HD ready to 8K HDR display. And some of them are powered by OLED and Full Array display.

Sony LED Series available in Pakistan

While there are a lot of Sony LED series and models there as just a handful available in Pakistan. In Pakistan you can find only Sony Bravia model with 4K display at max. This series is Smart TV that is powered by android and comes in several further models and sizes.

Sizes of Sony LED

Sony Bravia LED sizes ranges form 43 inch to 85 inch in Pakistan. This gives a full-size range for you to choose form.

Official Warranty and Scam Alert

Sony has official warranty of 1 year in Pakistan. However, you might come across some smuggled or fake products in the open market of Pakistan. So being a good citizen of Pakistan, its our responsibility to only buy original products with official warranty.

Updated Prices of Sony LED TV in Pakistan: All Price at One Place.

Sony LED TV price in Pakistan starts form over 1Lac. For example, price of 43 inch Sony LED TV in Pakistan starts form about Rs1,40,000 which is cheapest available led in year 2024.

Here is a complete list of Sony LED TV price in Pakistan so you don’t have to scramble all over google to find them.