Changhong Refrigerator CHR-DD238S

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S.S Color
Open Evaporator for 6 Way Cooling
Minus 32 Degree
Open Condenser
Keep Freeze up to 137 Hours
R600a Gas
A+ Energy Rating
Door Lock

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Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Refrigeration slows bacterial growth. Bacteria exist everywhere in nature. They are in the soil, air, water, and the foods we eat. When they have nutrients (food), moisture, and favorable temperatures, they overgrow, increasing in numbers to the point where some types of bacteria can cause illness.

Refrigerators are essential because they keep our food cold. Without them, we wouldn’t have ice cream, smoothies, or even cold, juicy apples. You would have to go to the grocery store daily just for cold food. Without keeping your food cold, your food would rot. If you didn’t get rid of it and someone ate it, they would probably die from eating it.
So refrigerators are an essential part of society. They keep food cold and help prevent some people from getting sick. They keep medicine cold, which is very important to many people.
Imagine living in the past when people didn’t have refrigerators. Imagine having to use cooling cabinets, ice-boxes, or even ice houses to keep your food cold. Imagine thousands of people dying from rotten food. You’d have to drink warm milk, eat soft apples, and hope that the ice you harvested doesn’t melt so quickly.
Life would be so much harder without refrigerators. But so many people take them for granted when they shouldn’t. They’re accommodating, unlike a lot of things. They bring good things in life. Refrigerators make life so much easier.

Benefits of Refrigerators

Any old refrigerator can make a world of difference in your diet if it simply keeps food in the healthy 32- to 40-degree Fahrenheit range. It means safely consuming meat beyond a few hours from purchase. It allows for keeping fresh food fresh or even enjoying leftovers. With more extended safe-consumption periods, it’s better for your home’s budget as well as the planet’s health.

The longer food lasts, the more chances it will be consumed. The good news, when food waste is one of the worst offenders for greenhouse gases, the methane produced when food decomposes is 28 times more impactful on the climate than carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, the long shelf life can also encourage people to buy more than they need or consume.

Customizing Your Refrigerator

The reason food gets wasted sometimes isn’t that people are always irresponsible. Sometimes it comes down to organizational challenges. They open the door, and there’s all this stuff, and it can be overwhelming for some. Finding a fridge that’s best suited to your needs is easier than ever, so make sure the configuration works for how you cook and what you eat.

Bright door shelving might be necessary if you’re decked out with every sauce from Peri-Peri to mayo. Maybe you’re a wine fanatic, and a wine rack shelf will keep you sane. Drawer-style freezers can be terrific for families that need to stock up or have kids access frozen snacks after school.

Consider what style of doors you like best because it changes the function of your fridge. Are you into raw food and fresh veggies? The crispers should be your most significant consideration — are they large enough, and how easily do they open? On it goes.

Keeping Cool

There are more choices than ever before with fridges, and that’s possibly the best benefit ever in refrigeration. Today, it’s possible not just to keep your food cold, but to do so in a way that makes sense to how you cook, the way you like to organize things, how you live, and even just your aesthetic.


  • Keep frozen up to 137 hours
  • A+ Energy Rating
  • Silver Color
  • 32 Degree
  • R600a Gas
  • Door Lock

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