Changhong Ruba DD308GPR INV Refrigerator

Start with low voltage (LVS) 135V (No need for stabilizers)

55% Energy Saving (Consume less than two energy savers)

320-liter volume and 12 Cu Ft

Glass Door

R600A Gas

Anti Fungal removable Gasket

Wider and  Depth body design

12 years compressor and 1-year parts warranty

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD

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Product Specifications:

Brand Changhong Ruba
Model DD338GPR Smart DC Inverter
Connection Power   Direct (inside stabilizer)
Type Free Standing
Technology Inverter
Door(s) rechargeable   double Door
 DESIGN Wider and depth body design
 Colors Brown, Red,
 Dimensions (WxHxD)   26.3×24.5×61.2
 Weight   70 kg
 Volume   320 liter and 12 Cu Ft
Voltage 135v (low voltage start)
Energy saver 55% per month, Consumes less than two energy savers.
Performance Excellent, Fast cooling effect, Anti Fungal Gasket
Extras Ice cube tray, scrapper
Stabilizers No need
Anti Fungal Gasket Available
 Warranty 12-year compressor warranty & 1 year for parts

Changhong Ruba Refrigerator with Inverter Technology is your ideal partner on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. With its Inverter Technology that saves up to 40% energy, Dawlance Refrigerator ensures a healthy and hygienic environment for your food and, eventually, you. Bring this technology with a heart to your home today and bid farewell to your energy and health woes.

Inverter Technology

With new Changhong Ruba super inverter technology, DD308GPR saves up to 40% electricity. Consumes less energy than two energy savers.

Longest Warranty

Like all other Changhong Ruba DD308GPR, Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator has a long lifetime Compressor and 1 Year Parts Warranty. Changhong Ruba warranty is one of the best reasons to buy their product.

Antifungal Gasket

Like all other Changhong Ruba refrigerators, Changhong Ruba DD308GPR Inverter has a removable antifungal gasket that prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator and maintains hygienic conditions to preserve food.

Wider Body Design

Changhong Ruba DD308GPR Inverter has a wider body with more depth for bigger pots and utensils and gives the best utilization of the space of your space on tempered glass shelves. This model is designed keeping in mind the needs of Pakistani customers. Its wide body range allows you to store more food items at any view level. Its additional internal depth enhances your actual usable capacity by more than 15% compared to another refrigerator. That’s why it is the best dawlance refrigerator in Pakistan.

Ozone Friendly Gas

Changhong Ruba DD308GPR Inverter provides up to 40% energy savings due to refrigerant R600A gas, also ozone friendly. Energy saving is the best feature of a dawlance refrigerator at the lowest price.

Faster and Longer Cooling

Faster cooling maintains cooling in power breakdown and keeps food frozen for a long time without electricity. The cooling effect is the best feature of Changhong Ruba appliances as an inverter.

What’s in the box if you buy from Shopping Jin?

  • 1 x Refrigerator
  • 1 x Warranty Card,
  • 1 x User Manual,
  • 2 x Ice-Cube Tray.

Changhong Ruba DD308GPR Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator Specification:

There is some specification of Changhong Ruba Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator lowest price.

  1. It provides us with 12 years compressor & 1-year parts warranty.
  2. Changhong Ruba 12 Cu Ft refrigerator.
  3. It has Inverter Technology.
  4. Metallic Look.
  5. It has a more comprehensive and depth body design, giving us more storage to store food.
  6. It runs on low voltage (LVS) at 135V, reducing electricity bills.
  7. 40% energy saving with this product.
  8. Fastest cooling effect.
  9. There is no need for stabilizers.
  10. It has R600A gas.
  11. It provides us with Anti Fungal gasket, which preserves the food from fungus and bacteria.
  12. It is the genuine product of Dawlance.

To get more information about the product, visit details.

Shopping Jin offers you a wide range of Best Changhong Ruba Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator lowest price. This is the best Changhong Ruba refrigerator, preserving food from fungus and bacteria. It stored the food for almost six family members. That makes the family more comfortable with their food.

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 26.3 × 24.7 × 61.5 mm


Ref Size (Cubic Foot)

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