Changhong Ruba Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator

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Brown Glass, Double Door

Smart 4D, DC Inverter Ref

Lifetime Warranty For Compressor

European Standard A++ Energy Rating

Energy Saving Up To 70%

Saving Rs: 13,000/year

Super Wide Voltage Working (120V to 280V)

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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A refrigerator is one of the essential home appliances in our homes, and maybe it’s a highly in-use item that’s, a method or another, connected with the health of your family. Why? Because it’s to take care of the standard of our food. So we’d like to seem for when buying a refrigerator?

  • It should give maximum cooling.
  • It should be spacious to place all the things easily
  • It should consume less electricity

And it’s specially designed to form your home décor more attractive
Changhong Ruba Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator series is one among the various options on the market, which is the company’s premium range of machines. Let’s determine if it’s capable of meeting the above requirements and the money price. The simplest Refrigerator in Pakistan.


A fridge isn’t only meant to require care of your food and energy consumption; it must be a good-looking machine. This Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator comes with an all-glass door panel that gives an exquisite look and blends nicely alongside your home decor. It comes in three colors; red, brown, and steel grey. Because the name suggests, the last one may be a steel body, whereas the primary two feature the glass on the front.
Changhong Ruba Smart 4D DC Inverter Refrigerator series launched in Pakistan market in three color variants: Glass Door Red, Glass Door Brown, and Steel Door Silver. These are the Changhong Ruba Refrigerator color range. These are the foremost elegant design refrigerators.

Specifications & features:

  • -32 degrees,
  • Open evaporator for fast cooling,
  • Three sides condensers
  • Keep frozen up to 137 hours just in case of a power outage,
  • 1 Hour Fast Freeze
  • European Standard A++ Energy Rating,
  • Lifetime warranty for compressor,
  • Energy-saving up to 70%, Rs:13,000/Year saving,
  • Super Wide Voltage working, 120 to 280 V,
  • Working on UPS, Generator properly,
  • R600a gas
  • Digital Display and Controller
  • LED Light

The company tells that this Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator’s lowest temperature (-32 degrees) is the lowest within the country since the closest competitor has only managed to supply minus 25 centigrades. This feature provides a 1 Hour Fast Freeze that’s helpful for quick cooling. To stay cooling inside, particularly at the time of load shedding, the Refrigerator is surrounded by a 72mm thick foamy wall that ensures maintain cooling for up to 137 hours.


Changhong Ruba refrigerator size is out there as follows:

  • 308Ltr
  • 338 Ltr
  • 378 Ltr
  • 418 Ltr

On the very best right corner, we discover the technology description “Smart DC Inverter,” whereas Changhong Ruba’s branding is prominently visible slightly below the very best fringe of the machine. Since it’s a complete DC Inverter series, an alphanumeric display controller is fixed underneath the company’s logo on the freezer door. this is often the critical brain of the fridge that governs the entire machine from outside. It’s a nicely designed control panel that’s touch-enabled and appears very premium on a glass surface. Aside from this, Changhong Ruba has sprinkled the front entrance with flower icons, perhaps to provide another message, the machine is environment friendly. Another design aspect of this Smart DC Inverter fridge is that the plain and spotless backside that’s otherwise full of awful-looking condensers mostly muddy for being inaccessible. The refrigerator condenser is hidden inside the body and spans on all three sides; left, right, and back. A clean backside gives an ample opportunity for keeping it clean.


Changhong Ruba claims that Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator can get as low as minus 32 centigrades in its top compartment. How does it do it? The Refrigerator comes with an open evaporator system on three sides. In contrast to the concealed evaporator system, it is more helpful for getting the lowest temperature. Changhong Ruba has designed this system keeping in view the hot weather in Pakistan. To ensure the evaporator doesn’t get damaged while cleaning or putting hard stuff inside, Changhong Ruba has concealed it behind a metal surface, which is specially coated so that rust can not affect the surface in any way.

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