Dawlance 9188 WB GD H-Zone Refrigerator (14 Cu ft)


Glass Door

Low Voltage start (LVS)

35% Energy Saving

R600A Gas

Anti Fungal Gasket

1 Year Parts Warranty

12 Year Compressor Warranty

money back gurantee

100% authentic

original products

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Brand: Dawlance

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Dawlance H-Zone Plus series prevents food from bacterial growth and stops the deterioration process, keeping it fresher for double the duration compared to other regular refrigerators. So H-Zone Plus helps you stop food decay and increases the life of your food at low voltage. Dawlance 9188 WB GD H-Zone price in Pakistan is affordable for the customers.

Product Specifications:

Brand Dawlance
Model 9188 WB
Connection Power   Direct (inside stabilizer)
Door(s) rechargeable   Glass Door
 Colors Black, Red, Burgundy
 Dimensions (WxHxD)   25.6x65x28
 Weight   59 kg
 Volume   400 ltr.
Voltage 135v (low voltage start)
Energy saver 23% per month
 Warranty 12-year compressor warranty.

Health Light:

Dawlance H-Zone series uses health light which doubles the duration of food preservation compared to standard refrigerators. That’s why it is the Dawlance best refrigerator in Pakistan. Its preserves food from different types of bacteria and fungi.

Longest Warranty:

Like all other Dawlance H-Zone refrigerators, Dawlance 9188 WB LVS refrigerator has an extended 12 Year Compressor Warranty and one-year Parts Warranty.

Antifungal gasket:

Like all other Dawlance refrigerators, Dawlance 9188 WB GD H-Zone has a removable antifungal gasket that prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator. Any maintain hygienic conditions preserve food.

Tempered glass shelves:

Dawlance H-Zone series uses unbreakable tempered glass shelves that can hold 100 kgs. This gives a solid and transparent look at the shelves.

Wider body design:

Dawlance 9188 WB GD H-Zone has a wider body with more depth for bigger pots and utensils and gives your space the best utilization. It gives us the space for food around about the six family members.

Energy Saving:

Dawlance 9188 WB GD H-Zone provides up to 35% energy savings due to refrigerant R600A, which is ozone friendly.

Spill-Proof Shelf:

Dawlance H-Zone uses spill-proof glass shelves to prevent split liquids from contaminating other food.

What’s in the box if you buy from Shopping Jin?

  • 1 x Warranty Card.
  • 1 x User Manual.
  • 1 x Refrigerator.

Dawlance LVS Refrigerator tried to make you more comfortable and tension-free from food preservation by this product.

Dawlance 9188 NS inverter refrigerator specification:

There is some specification of Dawlance 9188 NS inverter refrigerator lowest price.

  1. It provides us with 12 years compressor & 1-year parts warranty.
  2. Dawlance 15 Cu Ft refrigerator.
  3. Metallic Look.
  4. It has a more comprehensive and depth body design, giving us more storage to store food.
  5. It runs on low voltage (LVS) at 135V, reducing electricity bills.
  6. 35% energy saving with this product (Consumes less energy than two energy savers).
  7. Fastest cooling effect.
  8. There is no need for stabilizers.
  9. It has R600A gas.
  10. It provides us Anti a Fungal gasket, which preserves food from fungus and bacteria.
  11. It is the genuine product of the dawlance.

features Basic Features

Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 28 × 25.6 × 65 mm

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Ref Size (Cubic Foot)

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