Dawlance DW-560AF 28-Litre Inverter AirFryer Microwave Oven

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28L Capacity
1000W MWO Power
2500W Convection
1100W Grill Power
Better & Faster Cooking
Inverter Technology
Low Noise
Energy Efficient
Touch Control Panel
300 Built-In Recipes

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Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Dawlance
Category: Oven

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Dawlance 28 Litre Inverter AirFryer Microwave Oven DW-560AF, a kitchen powerhouse with a 28L capacity and versatile cooking options. With 1000W MWO power, 2500W convection, and 1100W grill power, it ensures better and faster cooking. The inverter technology provides energy efficiency and low noise, while the touch control panel and 300 built-in recipes enhance convenience.

Features of Dawlance Inverter AirFryer Microwave Oven DW-560AF

  • Better & Faster Cooking: Enhanced performance for quicker and improved cooking results.
  • Better Defrosting: Efficient defrosting function for convenience and time savings.
  • Low Noise: Operates quietly, minimizing disturbance during use.
  • Energy Efficient: Designed to consume energy efficiently for cost-effective operation.
  • 5 in 1 MWO: Multifunctional with heating, baking, cooking, grilling, and Air frying capabilities.
  • Digital Soft Touch Control Panel: Easy and precise control with a user-friendly touch panel.
  • Inverter Technology: Utilizes inverter technology for optimal cooking performance.
  • 1000 W MWO Power: Powerful microwave oven with 1000 watts for efficient cooking.
  • 2500 W Convection: High convection power for versatile cooking options.
  • 1100 W Grill Power: Grill feature with 1100 watts for perfect grilling results.
  • 28L Capacity: Spacious 28-liter capacity for cooking larger quantities.
  • 300 Built-in Recipes: Offers a wide variety of built-in recipes for culinary inspiration.

Product Details:

Better & Faster Cooking Yes
Better Defrosting Yes
Low Noise Yes
Energy Efficient Yes
5-in-1 Functions Heating, Baking, Cooking, Grilling, Air Frying
Control Panel Digital Soft Touch
MWO Power 1000 W
Convection Power 2500 W
Inverter Technology Yes
Grill Power 1100 W
Capacity 28L
Built-in Recipes 300
Product Dimensions 510 mm x 310 mm x 460 mm
Net Weight 15.03 kg


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