Hitachi EP-A6000 Air Purifier with Humidifying Function

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Room Air Purification

Coverage area 495 sqft

Allergen-Free HEPA Filter

Heavy-Duty Deodorizing

Energy-Efficient ECO Mode

Whisper-Quiet Operation

4-Hour Timer

Humidifying Function

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Brand: Hitachi
Category: Air Purifier

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Immerse yourself in pure, refreshing air with the Hitachi EP-A6000 Air Purifier featuring a robust combination of allergen-free HEPA filtration, heavy-duty deodorizing, and energy-efficient operation. Embrace a healthier, more comfortable living environment effortlessly.

Features of Hitachi EP-A6000 Air Purifier with Humidifying Function

  • Room Air Purification: Utilizes High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filters for effective purification.
  • Allergen-Free HEPA Filter: H13 HEPA filter ensures allergen-free air, promoting a healthier living space.
  • Heavy-Duty Deodorizing: Equipped with a robust deodorizing filter for eliminating odors and enhancing freshness.
  • Energy-Efficient ECO Mode: Saves 23% more energy compared to silent mode, optimizing power consumption.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Silent mode operates at a mere 15dB for a peaceful environment during use.
  • 4-Hour Timer: Convenient timer function allows automatic shut-off after 4 hours of operation.
  • Humidifying Function: Introduces humidity for added comfort, combating dry air in your living space.

Specifications of Hitachi EP-A6000 Air Purifier with Humidifying Function

Coverage Areas 495 sqft
Mode & Course
9(Air Purify, Humidify, Skin Moist, Pollen, Odor, Rapid, Absence, Eco)
Air purification technologies HEPA Filter
Humidifying Capacity (mL/h)*2Approx. 670
Tank Capacity (L)Approx. 2.5
Eco Mode (Efficiency vs Silent mode (%)23
Air Flor RateMax,
High, Medium, Silent
Air FlowClean Air Mode (m3/min)
Max : 6.5, High : 4.5, Medium : 3.5, Silent : 1.0 Clean Air & Humidifying (m3/min) : Max : 6.0, High : 3.5, Medium : 2.9, Silent : 0.8
Power ConsumptionClean Air Mode (W)
Max : 60, High : 22, Medium : 14, Silent : 4 Clean Air & Humidifying (W) : Max : 60, High : 16, Medium : 11, Silent : 4
SoundClean Air Mode (dB)
Max : 52, High : 42, Medium : 38, Silent : 15 Clean Air & Humidifying (dB) : Max : 50, High : 40, Medium : 36, Silent : 13
Filter Type (Approx. filter life)
Washable Prefilter*3 Allergen-free HEPA Filter*3 : H13 (8 years) Heavy Duty Deodorizing Filter *3 : (10 years) Humidifying Filter*4 : (36 months)
Off Timer 4 hours
Odor, Dust, Humidity

Air Purification Area

Air Purification Levels

Air Purification Technologies

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