Nasgas DG-347 BK Built in Hob

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Double shade non magnet steel top
3 hob burners
Durable non stick paint coated Cast Iron grills
Auto Ignition 1.5v battery operated
Brass non Stick Coated burner Rings
Long Life durability
Easy to clean
Dimensions: W: 30¾″ D: 17¾″
Installation cutout size: W: 27⅛″ D: 15⅜″

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Brand: Nasgas
Collection: Nasgas Hob
Category: Hobs

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Transform your kitchen with the Nasgas DG-347 BK Built-In Hob, featuring a double shade non-magnet steel top, powerful burners, and exquisite details that seamlessly combine elegance, efficiency, and durability.

Features of Nasgas DG-347 BK Built in Hob

  • Double Shade Non-Magnet Steel Top: Stylish and durable cooking surface.
  • 2 Master Size EPS Efficient + 1 Sabaf Burner: Powerful and versatile burner configuration.
  • Durable Non-Stick Paint Coated Cast Iron Grills: Long-lasting and easy-to-clean grilling.
  • Auto Ignition with 1.5V Battery: Convenient and efficient startup.
  • Brass Non-Stick Coated Burner Rings: Ensures durability and even heat distribution.
  • Elaborate Lathe Finishing on Burner Edges: Adds a touch of sophistication.
  • Long Life Durability: Built for lasting performance.
  • Silver Body with Brass Concealed Gas Valve: Aesthetic appeal and safety combined.
  • Easy to Clean: Hassle-free maintenance.
  • Dimensions: W: 30¾″ D: 17¾″, Installation Cutout Size: W: 27⅛″ D: 15⅜″.

Specifications of Nasgas DG-347 BK Built in Hob

Hob Top
Double Shade Non-Magnet Steel Top
Hob Burners
3(2 Master Size EPS Efficient + 1 Sabaf)
Color Grey
Grill Material
Durable Non-Stick Paint Coated Cast Iron
Auto Ignition, 1.5V Battery Operated
Burner Coating
Brass Non-Stick Coated
Burner Edge Finish
Elaborate Lathe Finishing
Long Life Durability
Silver with Brass Concealed Gas Valve
Cleaning Easy to Clean
W: 30¾″, D: 17¾″
Installation Cutout Size
W: 27⅛″, D: 15⅜″

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Hob Top

Hob Burner

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