Nasgas Gas Room Heater DG-791

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Brass Gas Valve

Enamel Coating Frame

Fancy Grill

Double Burner

Auto Ignition

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Brand: Nasgas
Collection: Nasgas Heater
Category: Gas Heater

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Nasgas DG-791 is the perfect addition to any home. With an enamel coating frame and stainless steel roof, it’s sure to stay looking sleek for years to come. The brass gas valve with galvanized supply line is durable and easy to use while also protecting against corrosion. This model comes with a powder paint coating heavy gauge metal body for safe heat production in your home. Whether or not you have children or pets running around at all hours of the day, this heater promises safety, so big environments are no problem.

Other Features:

  • Double Burning Plates with Auto Ignition
  • Brass Gas Valve with Galvanized Supply Line
  • Enamel Coating Frame & Stainless Steel Roof
  • Powder Paint Coating Heavy Gauge Metal Body

features Basic Features

Dimensions 12 × 24 × 13 mm

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All Units Sold

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