Orient Cake-30D 30 Liter Grill Black Microwave Oven

Capacity: 30 Liter

Power Input: 1200 W

Wattage (MWO): 700 W

Wattage Grill: 1000 w

Digital Control system

Power Levels: 7

Grill Function

Latest Technology Magnetron

Defrost by Weight or Time

Accurate and Efficient Heating

1 Year Warranty

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD

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Brand: Orient
Category: Oven

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The minimum price of Orient Cake-30D 30 Liter Grill Black Microwave Oven in pakistan is Rs. 27,500 which is offered by shoppingjin.pk. Its average price is estimated around Rs. 35,600. orient.com.pk, being an expensive seller, even sold it at Rs. 43,700. Like various other products, Shopping Jin is also selling Orient Cake-30D 30 Liter Grill Black Microwave Oven at Lowest Price in whole Pakistan

BRAND Orient
Model No. Cake-30D
Color Black
Type Microwave oven
Capacity 30 liter
Grill Function Yes
Control Panel Digital
Power levels 7
Voltage 200-220 V
MWO I/P Power 1200 W
Wattage (MWO) 800 W
Wattage Grill 1000 W
Auto menus 8
Cooking-End Signal Yes
Leakage 0%
Technology Magnetron 
Push Button No
Accurate & efficient heating  Yes
Child Safety Yes
Weight 12.5 kg
Warranty 1-year Warranty

This Orient Cake-30D Microwave Oven is a perfect combination of function and style. It is easy to use and clean and comes with a large capacity. It is a great choice for a microwave oven at home or office. With a capacity of 30L, this is a good size for a small kitchen or office. It is equipped with a digital control system, which allows you to choose the cooking time, power levels, and temperature. It has eight different functions and a safety switch, making this oven a great choice for busy households. The power level can be set to 7, allowing you to cook different foods easily and accurately. The automatic defrost function is also available, which allows you to defrost frozen food quickly and efficiently.

Oven Features

Oven Capacity (Liters)



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