Panasonic MJ-J176P 3-in-1 Juicer Blender 350W (Malaysia)

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3-in-1 Functions: Juicer/Blender/Mill

Made in Malaysia

2 Speed + Pulse button switches

Easy to use and clean

350 Watt Power

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD


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Brand: Panasonic
Category: Blender

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The minimum price of Panasonic MJ-J176P 3-in-1 Juicer Blender 350W (Malaysia) in pakistan is Rs. 29,999 which is offered by Its average price is estimated around Rs. 32,500., being an expensive seller, even sold it at Rs. 35,000. Like various other products, Shopping Jin is also selling Panasonic MJ-J176P 3-in-1 Juicer Blender 350W (Malaysia) at Lowest Price in whole Pakistan

With the Panasonic MJ-J176P 3 In 1 Juicer Blender, you can quickly and easily make delicious juices, smoothies, and shakes. This powerful blender has two-speed settings plus a pulse mode and comes with a detachable container base for easy cleaning.
The high-efficiency stainless steel spinner ensures smooth blending, while the long-life stainless steel blades tear through even the toughest fruits and vegetables. Plus, the clear glass 1-liter container lets you watch your creations come to life.

Product Table:

Brand Panasonic
Model MJ176
Power 350 Watt
Spinner Material Stainless Steel Spinner (Titanium Coated Cutter)
Blender Blender Capacity 1.0 L
Jug Material Glass
Detachable Base Yes
Cutter Material Titanium Coated Cutter
Capacity 50 g
Material Glass
Cutter Material Titanium Coated Cutter
Power Control 2 Speed + Pulse
Switch Type Piano
Blender Safety Lock Yes
Built in Circuit Breaker Yes
Color White
Cleaning Brush + Water Compartment Yes
Dimension (H X W X D) Using Juicer 323 x 288 x 212 (mm)
Using Blender 382 x 288 x 171 (mm)
Using Dry Mill 264 x 288 x 171 (mm)
Weight Using Juicer 3.2 (kg)
Using Blender 3.5 (kg)
Using Dry Mill 2.7 (kg)

Product Key Points:

  • 3-in-1 Functions Juicer/Blender/Mill
  • pinner Material Full Metal Stainless Steel Spinner
  • 2 Speed + Pulse button switches
  • High-efficiency Stainless Steel spinner
  • Long-life Stainless Steel blades
  • Detachable container base for easy cleaning
  • Pit-in glass holder
  • Speedy cleaning brush
  • Continuous flow mechanism
  • Clear glass 1-Litre container
  • Titanium Saber Cutter
Weight 5 kg

Motor Power

Shipping Jin offers best prices of Panasonic MJ-J176P 3-in-1 Juicer Blender 350W (Malaysia) in Pakistan. Please have a look at wholesale prices of Panasonic Juicer Blender This Panasonic Blender comes with origonal claimable Panasonic warranty. If you have any furthur issues regarding warranty, feel free to contact us. We will always provide you the Lowest Price of Blender all over the pakistan

4 reviews for Panasonic MJ-J176P 3-in-1 Juicer Blender 350W (Malaysia)

  1. qari arif (verified owner)

    Good customer support and great product.

  2. Bushra Saeed (verified owner)

    A useful thing at a affordable price

  3. Hassan Khalid (verified owner)

    Amazing Product. Very useful. Fast delivery. Good discount. Will buy it again. Highly recommended

  4. qari arif (verified owner)

    Amazing Experience Impressed with service

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