Philips ProMix Hand Blender HR2533/01

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Compact chopper

0.5L beaker

500ML to 1L

Plastic bar

1 speed



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Brand: Philips
Collection: Philips Blender
Category: Hand Blender

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The minimum price of Philips ProMix Hand Blender HR2533/01 in pakistan is Rs. 11,749 which is offered by Its average price is estimated around Rs. 42,300., being an expensive seller, even sold it at Rs. 129,900. Like various other products, Shopping Jin is also selling Philips ProMix Hand Blender HR2533/01 at Lowest Price in whole Pakistan

The special wave shapes in the bottom part of the hand blender blending bar guarantee no splashes or mess while you blend. The robust and ergonomic design offers convenience and ease of use for consumers. Philips ProMix is a unique, advanced technology that uses a specific triangular shape to create optimal food flow and maximum performance for faster and more consistent blending. Easily attach and detach accessories for various functions with one press of a button. Single Whisk accessory for Philips hand blender for whipping cream, mayonnaise, pancake batter, and more. With strong 650W powerful motor ensure powerful blending for your daily homemade meals. With the compact chopper accessory, you can easily chop herbs, nuts, cheese, chocolate, and onions.

1 review for Philips ProMix Hand Blender HR2533/01

  1. Fatima Saeed (verified owner)

    G bohat zabar dast h or Jo order kia tha same wohi cheez h.thank u SJ

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Shipping Jin offers best prices of Philips ProMix Hand Blender HR2533/01 in Pakistan. Please have a look at wholesale prices of Philips Blender This Philips Hand Blender comes with origonal claimable Philips warranty. If you have any furthur issues regarding warranty, feel free to contact us. We will always provide you the Lowest Price of Hand Blender all over the pakistan

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