PHILIPS Series 9000 Electric shaver (PQ206/18)

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Contour following Individual floating heads

Maintenance Cleaning brush

Protective cap

Shaving system Close-cut charging

Battery type AA

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Brand: Philips
Category: Hair Trimmer

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The Philips Shaver Series 9000 (PQ206/18) is inspired by advanced engineering and high-end design. The award-winning product line will help you stay looking sharp with performance wet or dry. Your skin deserves more than just a good look; it deserves better shaving. Philips delivers close shaves with less irritation even on sensitive.

it is an award-winning series that draws from advanced engineering and high-end design to give you the convenience of a wet/dry razor as well as skin comfort no matter if you’re using shaving cream or not. The product line will help take your grooming routine to new heights by providing close, easy shaves without compromising on your skin’s overall health.

Product Description

  • Powerful and precise, this shaver gives a close shave and is gentle on the skin.
  • Features sharp, diamond-like coated blades with a flexible shaving head that adapts to every curve of your face and neck.
  • Philips’s advanced technology captures hairs growing in different directions.
  • Get a smooth shave, even in the sensitive neck area.
  • For best results, use the included accessories for optimal skin contact.

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