Philips Viva Collection Rice Cooker HD3060/62

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Five major cooking functions

Touch sensor for easy operation

Comes with a child lock

Mini Cooker

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Brand: Philips
Category: Rice Cooker

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Suppose you’re looking for a compact rice cooker that offers an array of cooking techniques, and peace of mind-look. The Philips Viva Collection Rice Cooker HD3060/62 is designed with six different menu options to accommodate your needs with three reheating settings in addition to warm functions with the 24-hour advance cooking time setting; this rice cooker will undoubtedly elevate your meal preparation game even when it feels like there is not enough time in the day to do anything outside of work. Choose from six menus, including soups, congee, and stews which can be cooked between 1-4 hours. Viva’s an updated and sleek take on rice cookers, and with it, you can enjoy fluffy, perfectly cooked basmati rice every day.

Product Details:

Brand Philips
Soup scoop Yes
Measuring cup Yes
Accessories Rice scoop Yes
Measuring cup Yes
Cord length 1 m
Inner pot capacity 2 L
Rice capacity 0.7 L
Length 395 mm
Height 300 mm
Width 245 mm
Voltage 230 V
Wattage 330 W

Other Features:

  • Durable design for longer life.
  • 24-hour advance time setting.
  • Six cooking techniques.
  • Three reheating settings.
  • 6 menu options.


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All Units Sold

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