Sabro Digital Smart Series Electric Geyser V-IV

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5-minute warm water supply response
Overheating Protection
Available in 15 Liters Capacity
Energy Saving Technology
1 year Warranty

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Sabro
Collection: Sabro Geyser
Category: Electric Geyser

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Elevate your water heating experience with the Sabro Digital Smart Series Electric Geyser V-IV. This 15-liter electric water heater is designed for efficient use, delivering quick warm water in just 5 minutes. With features like overheating protection, energy-saving technology, a high-quality ensures reliable and safe hot water for your bathroom or kitchen. Enjoy the convenience and performance of this outstanding water heater.

Features of Sabro Digital Smart Series Electric Geyser V-IV

  • 15-litre Electric Water Heater for single-user convenience.
  • Quick 5-minute warm water supply response.
  • Overheating Protection for safety.
  • Energy Saving Technology for reduced power consumption.
  • Heating Power 1500W.
  • Warranty for 1 year.
  • Tank Gauge: 14/16 for easy water level monitoring.

Specifications of Sabro Digital Smart Series Electric Geyser V-IV

Capacity 15L
Warranty 1 year
Energy Saving Technology Yes
Vertical Mounting Yes
Inner tank Imported Galvanized Sheet
Overheating Protection Yes
Tank Gauge 14/16
Geyser Capacity

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