Super Asia 10Kg SD-572 Fast Spin Plus-Crystal Dryer Machine

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Capacity 10 kg
Powerful Motor
Energy Saver
Elegant Transparent Crystal Lid
Shock & Rust-Proof
Quick Spinning
Auto Water Balancing Ring

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Brand: Super Asia
Category: Spinner

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Super Asia 10Kg SD-572 Fast Spin Plus-Crystal Dryer Machine, a spinner designed for efficiency. With a capacity of 10 kg, it boasts a powerful motor and energy-saving features. Its elegant transparent crystal lid adds aesthetic appeal, while its shock and rust-proof design ensures durability. Equipped with quick spinning and an auto water balancing ring, it offers fast and effective drying.

Product Details:

Type Spinner Only
Washing Capacity
Body Shock & rust proof plastic
Spin Speed Quick
Spin Technology Shower spin
Water Balancing Auto balancing ring
Drying Technology Air dryer
Motor Powerful
Brake System Auto brake
Energy Efficiency Energy saver
Dimensions 560 x 540 x 1030


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Washing Machine Feature

Washing Machine Shape

Washing Machine Tub Size

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