WestPoint Sandwich Toaster 3 in 1 WF-6293

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2 years Warranty

Sandwich Toaster, Waffle Maker and Grill

Power Ready Indicator Light

Non-Stick Coated Cooking Plate

Cool Touch Housing and Handle

Stand Upright for Storage & Space Saving

Quick and Easy Cleaning

700 Watts

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD

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Brand: Westpoint
Category: Sandwich Maker

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Elevate your culinary experience with the WestPoint Sandwich Toaster 3 in 1 WF-6293, offering seamless transitions between a sandwich toaster, waffle maker, and grill. Boasting a quick cleaning design, cool-touch housing, and upright storage, it’s a versatile and efficient kitchen essential.

Features of WestPoint Sandwich Toaster 3 in 1 WF-6293

  • 3-in-1 Functionality: Seamlessly transitions between a Sandwich Toaster, Waffle Maker, and Grill for versatile cooking.
  • Power Ready Indicator: Clearly signals when the appliance is ready for use.
  • Non-Stick Coated Plate: Facilitates easy food release and swift cleaning after use.
  • Cool Touch Housing/Handle: Ensures safety during operation, preventing accidental burns.
  • Upright Storage: Stands compactly for efficient storage in limited kitchen spaces.
  • Quick Cleaning: Streamlined design ensures easy and swift cleaning after every use.
  • 700 Watts Power: Operates at 700 Watts with a voltage of 220-240V, 50Hz, ensuring efficient and powerful cooking.

Specifications of WestPoint Sandwich Toaster 3 in 1 WF-6293

3-in-1 (Sandwich Toaster, Waffle Maker, Grill)
Power Indicator Yes
Cooking Plate
Non-Stick Coated
Cool Touch, Upright Stand
Upright for Space Saving
Cleaning Quick and Easy
Power 700 Watts

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Sandwich Toaster 3 in 1 WF-6293
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Sandwich Toaster 3 in 1 WF-6293

All Units Sold

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