Canon Halogen Electric Heater Cash-672

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Carbon Fiber Heating Element

Two power settings

Cool touch casing

Energy Saving

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Brand: Canon
Collection: Canon Heater
Category: Home Appliances

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Keep your body and mind warm all winter with the Canon Halogen Electric Heater Cash-672. This durable heater has a carbon fiber heating element for ease of use and operates at 500 – 1000 watts, so it’s perfect for most rooms in an average-sized home. It also comes with two power settings that can be set using the included remote control or by changing temperature/power manually on the unit itself. Keep away from any flammable material such as curtains, ready to light liquids such as hairspray, fireplaces, or candles nearby when in operation. Comfortable features include cool-touch casing and complete metal construction. This Halogen Heater-672 provides durability and safety.

Other Features:

  • 500 – 1000 watts.
  • Carbon fiber heating.
  • Energy Saving.
  • Sun heater.

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