Changhong FH-24LW Floor Standing AC

Golden Fin Evaporator

Gold Fin Condenser

Turbo Cooling and Heating

R410A Gas

Long Air Throw

Auto Clean

Powerful Compressor

Touch Panel Operation

Auto Restart

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD


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Category: Air Conditioner

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An air conditioner is a system or a machine that treats air in a defined, usually enclosed area via a refrigeration cycle in which warm air is removed and replaced with cooler air.

In construction, complete heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is called HAVC. Whether in homes, offices, or vehicles, its purpose is to provide comfort by altering the properties of the air, usually by cooling the air inside. The primary function of the air conditioner is to change adverse temperatures. Changhong rube designed a perfect air condition, fulfilled all the conditions, and had all the capabilities to meet different temperature areas.

Changhong Floor Standing Air Conditioner FH-24LW Features

  • Brand Warranty.
  • Capacity: 2.0Ton.
  • BTU: 24000BTUs.
  • Type: Non-inverter.
  • Functionality: Heat & Cool.
  • Room SIze: 260-350sq.ft.
  • Floorstanding Model.
  • Long Air Throw.


  • 43 inch FHD L43G3SM Music LED TV
  • Built-in Sound System.
  • A+ Grade Panel.
  • Ultra Narrow Bezel (Four sides)
  • USB Media Player (2 Ports) HDMI*2.

Air Conditioner Ratings & Typical Specifications

Here are some of the air conditioner ratings you may encounter in the brochures or specifications of the air conditioner or heat pump unit.

1. Capacity

These are the most basic specifications that you should look out for. In ductless split, the cooling capacity range can go from 9,000 Btu/h to over 30,000 Btu/h. The amount of cooling needed by the space will be used to determine the air conditioner’s capacity.

2. COP(Coefficient of Performance)

This coefficient is the cooling capacity(W) ratio versus power consumption(W).

COP= Cooling Capacity(W)/Power Consumption(W)

The higher the COP, the higher the efficiency of the air conditioner. Usually, the value ranges from 2-4, but in recent years, inverter compressors have enabled this coefficient to go higher than 4. This formula is also applicable to the heat pump system. See the explanation on heat pump COP.

If the cooling capacity is given in Btu/h, you can convert it to Watt by dividing it by 3.412.

1W= 3.4121 Btu/h

3. EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)

This rating was established by ARI or Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute in 1975 for manufacturers to rate their equipment so that consumers or consultants can tell the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner by just looking at the specifications provided.

This rating is obtained by dividing the cooling capacity(Btu/h) with the input power(Watt). The rating points are at 80 °F dry bulb/67 °F wet-bulb indoor temperature and 95 °F dry bulb/75 °F wet-bulb outdoor temperatures.

For instance, if you look at the brochure and the unit has a Cooling Capacity = 25,000 Btu/h and Input Power = 2,400 W,

EER = (25,000 Btu/h)/2400W

       = 10.42

The larger the value of EER, the more efficient the air conditioner is. Therefore, choose a bigger EER if you compare two pieces of equipment.

The EER is limited in that it is measured only when the unit is in a steady-state condition. The starting up and shutdown cycles are not included in the calculation.

Therefore, this rating does not give a complete picture of the unit’s efficiency. A better efficiency ratio known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is developed.

Choose wisely these air conditioner ratings as the unit’s efficiency will drop as the unit ages over the years. And Changhong Ruba is the most preferred air conditioner for your home, office, and shops. We have a vast variety of different floor ac.

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