Changhong Ruba 43 inch LED L43H7N

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Product specification of Changhong Ruba 43 inch LED L43H7N Full-screen A+ grade panel. The specifications of this LED have Sharp and high resolution with a 4K UHD TV that has 4x more pixels than FHD TV. Changhong Ruba has released its latest LED L43H7. A+ Grade guarantees the panel’s highest quality Rating. You can experience the transport view with fewer imperfections.

Changhong Ruba 43 inch LED

Changhong Ruba LED L43H7N Specs:

With the full-screen design, the Changhong Ruba H7N series provides an unexpectedly large vision field to give you the best immersive viewing experience. And Changhong Ruba’s high-quality backlighting view darker blacks and luminous brightness while maintaining the best standards in energy efficiency.

Full-Screen View:

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Changhong Ruba now provides the 4K vision with a bezel-less view display, only less than 2mm is covered, and the effective viewing area accounts for more than 95% Ultra-wide viewing angle.


Chonghog Ruba LED TV with UMAX sound technology, front and down speaker make the environment like a theater and brings the perfect audio-visual enjoyment o the consumers.


HDMI 2.0 specification can support maximum 18Gbps transmission bandwidth. HDMI 2.0 has improved the frame rate up to 50/60Hz, while the previous rate is 24/30Hz.

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Weight 15.4 kg
Dimensions 177 × 1201 × 757 mm


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