Ecostar 18AR01WSA 1.5 Ton DC Inverter AC

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1.5 Ton

DC Inverter

Heat and Cool


3 years official compressor warranty

1 year official parts warranty

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Brand: Ecostar
Collection: Ecostar AC
Category: Air Conditioner

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The Ecostar offers a wide range of DC inverter AC. Its ACs are well-known for their crown series, prime series, and arctic series. Ecostar AC is empowered with ES6 inverter technology. It operates on low Voltage and has gold fin and environment protection coating on its evaporator and condenser. It offers self-cleaning, 4D airflow, and multi-health filters.

Low Voltage Running 140V:

The Ecostar DC Inverter ACtendsd to operate in Voltage as low as 140v. They keep running uninterruptedly in low Voltage because the power supply converts into a Direct Current (DC) first. Then, it reconverts into an alternating current (AC) to the primary compressor motor, which runs at different speeds.

More Than 60% Energy Savings:

In Ecostar DC Inverter AC, the compressor motor draws only the optimum power required to maintain the room temperature. In simple words, the compressor without going either On or Off functions on a higher or a lower power basis the ambient conditions to maintain the set temperature. So, if the temperature outside drops through the night, the compressor will gradually slip into functioning on lower energy levels in line with falling temperature. So not only is the room temperature maintained throughout, there’s energy-saving as well.

Working On UPS / Generator/ Solar Panel:

As the DC Inverter AC can operate even with low Voltage, they can also work on the UPS / Generator / Solar Panel of the required (appropriate) capacity. This feature is an added advantage in Pakistan, where we have to face hours of load shedding daily. The Ecostar DC Inverter AC is running on UPS / Generator / Solar Panel of specified capacity.

Four-way Air Outlet:

The Ecostar DC Inverter AC has 4-way airflow, which means it gives you cooling in four ways (all the directions) for batter and faster cooling.

Ultra-Low Noise Control :

Ecostar DC Inverter AC has an ultra-noise control system with noise only up to 20dB.

Wi-Fi No
Color Class Elegant white
Warranty 1 Year Parts + 3 Years Compressor
Ton 1.5 Ton
Heat & Cool Yes
Inverter DC Inverter
Shipping Same Day From Lahore
Type Wall Mounted
Manfc Part # Ecostar 18AR01WSA

These are some key features of Ecostar 18AR01WSA 1.5 Ton DC Inverter AC

  • Low Voltage Running 150V
  • Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser
  • Multi-Health Filters
  • Mute Operation (Turn Off AC Beep & Display)
  • Timer On & Off
  • 4 Grade Indoor Fan Speed
  • Defrost Mode (DF)
  • Eco Mode
  • Turbo Mode
  • Louver Position Memory Function
  • Self-Clean
  • Follow Me
  • Backlit Remote Control

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