Gree 18cith12 1.5 Ton Inverter AC


1.5 ton DC Inverter

Heat and Cool

3 years official compressor warranty & 1-year parts

Condition: Brand New
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Brand: GREE
Collection: GREE AC
Category: Air Conditioner

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Gree is the no.1 customer opinion brand in air conditioners in Pakistan because of its quality and customer trust.
In 2020 Gree is offering a 18cith12 1.5 ton inverter air conditioner in its Elegant Silver or Black Glossy Textured Finish. Gree 18cith12 is 1st European Compliant Heat and Cool AC with the Latest Powerful G-10 Inverter, which gives you Ultra Low-Frequency Torque Control, Precise Temperature Control, and Faster Turbo Cooling And Heating.

More Than 60% Energy Savings:

In Gree 18cith12, The compressor motor draws only the optimum power required to maintain the set room temperature. In simple words, without going either On or Off, the compressor functions on a higher or a lower power basis the ambient conditions to maintain the set temperature. So, if the temperature outside drops through the night, the compressor will gradually slip into functioning on lower energy levels in line with falling temperature. So not only is the room temperature maintained throughout, there’s energy-saving as well.

gree 60% energy
energy saving

Double Layer Condenser:

Gree air conditioner 18cith12 provides you with a double layer condenser for long-lasting life and efficient cooling.

double layer condenser

High Reliability:

Gree is the most reliable Brand in an air conditioner according to the latest research in 2020 that customers trust blindly in it.

Ceiling Cooling and Floor Heating System:

In Gree 18cith12 gives you the latest operating system in which the when it’s on cooling mode, the direction of Airflow would be upward toward the ceiling, while when it’s on heating, the airflow direction would be toward the floor. The reason is that according to Physics, the excellent particle of air gets downward, and the hot particle of air gets upward. Hence, the room temperature would be controlled more accurately and efficiently through this operating system.

Four-way Air Outlet:

The Airflow of this Air conditioner is four-way, which gives you cooling in four-way (all the directions) for batter and faster cooling.4 way cooling

Self Diagnosis:

Gree 18cith12 has a self-diagnosis system in which some sensors diagnose temperature automatically, and according to that temperature, it gives cooling for better energy saving.

Ultra-Low Noise Control :

Gree 18cith12 has an ultra noise control system for better noise-less Colling and atmosphere.

Technical analysis:

  • BTU Capacity                                 1.5 Ton(18000BTU)
  • Compressor W                               5300
  • Low Voltage Startup                      150V
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant                R410A
  • Energy Efficient Class A+              60% Electricity saving
  • Auto Voltage Adaptation                150V-260V


  • BTU/H Capacity (H/S/L*)               19100/17750/5118
  • Output Capacity (W) (H/S/L*)         5600/5200/1500
  • Power Input (W)(H/S/L*)                 2100/1529/390


  • BTU/H Capacity (H/S/L*)                22550/19600/4260
  • Output Capacity (W) (H/S/L*)         6600/5750/1450
  • Power Input (W)(H/S/L*)                 2200/1580/390

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