Haier 18HRW 1.5 Ton Triple DC Inverter AC

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1.5 Ton

Self Cleaning

Triple DC Inverter

Heat and Cool

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Brand: Haier
Collection: Haier AC
Category: Air Conditioner

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Haier 18HRW is a power Triple DC Inverter AC with self-cleaning technology and UPS compatibility.

Product details of Haier HSU 18HRW 1.5 Ton – UPS Enabled Self Cleaning DC Inverter Air Conditioner.


Haier 18HRW
One-Touch Clean Technology

One-Touch Self Clean:

Haier 18HRW is an amazing dirt-particles accumulates on the air conditioner’s evaporator during its operation. The dirty evaporator facilitates bacterial growth and affects the quality of air out, resulting in unhealthy breathing. The Self Clean Technology freezes the surface with moisture in the air and removes the dirt after defrosting it.

Haier 18HRW
Low Voltage Startup

Low voltage:

Haier 18HRW is an Air Conditioner that works on low voltage by decreasing the motor torque and pressure of the compressor to match compressor pressure with system pressure.


UPS Inverter Compatibility:

Haier 18HRW
UPS Inverter Compatibility

Haier inverter ac can input power supply between municipal power supply and power supply by intelligent monitoring technology. if monitoring power is 220v, the air the DC inverter Air Conditioner will work Normally

Other Features

  •   1.5 Ton Cooling Capacity
  •   Turbo cool
  •   Strong Airflow
  •   Exquisite Dust Filter
  •   Easy Operation of Controller
  •   Long Distance Airflow
  •   R410a Refrigerant
  •   3M Purify Filter
  •   Concealed LED Display
  •   Anti – Corrosion
  •   UPS Enabled
  •   One-Touch Cleaning
  •   46 Degree Centigrade Full BTU
  •   Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner Turbo Heat and Cool
  •   DC Inverter Technology
  •   18000 Free Installation Turbo cool

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All Units Sold

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