Haier Marvel DC Inverter AC HFM AE (Wifi Smart)

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Low Voltage Startup Even at 150V

Max Power: 1410 Watt

Min Current: 2.6 Ampere

R-32 Refrigerant Gas

Air throw 700 m3/h

One-touch Self Cleaning Feature

WiFi Control

UPS Enabled with Additional Device

10 Years Warranty

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Haier
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Product Brand Haier
Model HSU-12HFMAE (W)
Ton 1Ton
Fixed or inverter Dc Inverter
Cooling Capacity 13000 (BTU)
Heating Capacity 13500 (BTU)
Air Circulation 700 (m³/h)
Power Cooling 450 ~ 1410
Running Current 2.6 ~ 6.6
Voltage 220-240
Power Supply 1/220/50 (Ph/V/Hz)
Color White
Type Wall Mount
Display Hidden LED
Refrigerant R32
Refrigerant pipe Liq Side: 6mm, Gas side: 9mm
Indoor Noise 41/36/30 [dB(A)] (H/M/L)
Outdoor Noise 52 [dB(A)]
Indoor Dimension 850/295/210
Outdoor Dimension 700/245/535
Indoor Weigh 11.5Kg
Outdoor Weight 26Kg

Haier Marvel DC Inverter 1 Ton H&C AC inverter has a built-in heater, making it easy to heat and cool rooms. With the one-touch self-cleaning feature, you can quickly and easily clean the filter when it gets dirty. It also has a one-touch auto-shutdown function to protect the device and avoid damage caused by overheating.

Its remote control and APP are user-friendly, making it easy to adjust and monitor settings. The inverter is energy-saving, has low voltage startup even at 150V, and max power output of 1410W. It has a max current of 6.6A and can deliver a maximum airflow of 700m³/h. This inverter is suitable for both cooling and heating.



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