Homage HVS-5014-SCC Off Grid Vertex (Solar Supported Inverter)

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Detachable LCD control module with various communications

Built-in Bluetooth for mobile monitoring (Android App is available)

Supports USB On-the-Go function

Reserved communication port for BM

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Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Homage
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Introducing the HVS-5014-SCC Off-Grid Vertex, the 3000VA/3000Watt/24VDC/230VAC solar supported inverter. This user-friendly inverter is built with a detachable LCD control module for various communications, including Bluetooth for mobile monitoring (Android App available). For the BMS lifecycle of your batteries. Additionally, the MPPT solar charge controller supports up to 4000 watts, making it easy to get the most out of your solar panels.

The newest technology from Efest makes it easy to monitor your batteries at home or on the go. The LCD screen is user-friendly and can be used for any level of expertise, meaning there’s no need to pay an electrician in order to work with this device.

Product Description

  • Battery equalization extends the lifecycle
  • Supports USB On-the-Go function
  • User-friendly LCD operation
  • Battery independent design
  • including Bluetooth for mobile monitoring
  • supports up to 4000 watts

Usage Recommendation

19 Tube Lights or 32 Energy Savers or 65 LED Bulbs, 17 Fans, 1 LED TV, 1 Refrigerator (12Cuft), 1 Split AC (1.5 Ton) & 1 Washing Machine

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All Units Sold

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