Inverex Nitrox 12 KW-48 V (Three Phase) Solar Inverter UPS

Solar Inverter UPS
Voltage 48V
3 Phase

Max. Efficiency 97.6%
IP65 Water-Proof
Touch Screen Display
High Power Factor
Built-in AC Breaker
Internal SPD

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Inverex Nitrox 12 KW-48 V Three-Phase Solar Inverter UPS, delivering 12000 watts of power at 48 volts with a three-phase configuration. Featuring a remarkable max efficiency of 97.6%, it ensures optimal energy utilization. Built to withstand harsh conditions, it boasts an IP65 water-proof rating. With its user-friendly touchscreen display, monitoring, and control are seamless. Offering a high power factor for efficient operation, it includes a built-in AC breaker and internal SPD for enhanced safety. For those requiring robust three-phase solar power solutions, the Inverex Nitrox stands as a reliable choice.

Product Details:

Type Solar Inverter UPS
Maximum Power 15600 Watts
MPPT Support Supports up to 600 Watts solar panel
Solar Charger 240 Amp
Monitoring Platform Smart PV Monitoring Platform
Data Logger Stick logger
Max. Efficiency 97.60%
Parallel Support Supports multiple parallel
Export Control Zero Export
Communication Interfaces RS485 / CAN
Ingress Protection IP65
Generator Compatibility Supports generator connection
Surge Endurance High surge endurance
Power Factor High power factor
Display Touch screen display
Time of Use Settings Six-time of-use settings
Safety Features Built-in AC breaker
Output Configuration Dual 3-phase output


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