Inverex Veyron II 1200W-12V Solar Inverter UPS

Solar Inverter UPS
Voltage 12V
Output Power Factor 1.0
80 AMP Solar Charger

Works Without Battery
Pure Sine Wave
Auto Restart
Built-in Anti-Dust kit
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Inverex Veyron II 1200W-12V Solar Inverter UPS. With a robust power of 12000 watts and a voltage of 12V, it ensures reliable performance. Its 80 AMP solar charger optimizes solar energy utilization efficiently. Enjoy uninterrupted power with its pure sine wave output and auto-restart feature. Noteworthy is its built-in anti-dust kit, ensuring longevity. Remarkably, it operates seamlessly without a battery.

Product Details:

Type Solar Inverter UPS
Inverter Power / 2500 Watts
Battery Operation Works without battery
Auto Synchronization With Inverex Lithium Battery
Output Power Factor 1
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Solar Inverter High Voltage MPPT
Priority Setting Grid/PV Usage
Compatibility Compatible with mains voltage or generator power
Auto Restart Yes, while AC is recovering
Conformal Coating Yes, for internal boards
Anti-Dust Kit Built-in
Upgraded MPPT Solar Charger 80 Amp
Solar Input PV-2000 Watts / PV-3000 Watts

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