Philips Kids’ Hair Clipper HC1055/15

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Hair Clipper
Fully Washable
Charging Time
Use Time
Multiple Combs Included
1mm-12mm Length Setting
Shorter Ceramic Cutter
Warranty 2 Years

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Brand: Philips
Collection: Philips Trimmer
Category: Hair Trimmer

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Introducing the Philips Kids’ Hair Clipper HC1055/15 — where innovation meets safety. With an IPX 7 waterproof design, professional cutting system, and ultra-low 55db(A) noise, it’s the ideal choice for hassle-free, quiet, and secure haircuts for your little ones.

Features of Philips Kids’ Hair Clipper HC1055/15

  • PX 7 waterproof: Enjoy safe and easy cleaning under the tap with IPX 7 waterproof design.
  • Multiple combs: Achieve 1mm to 12mm length settings with a variety of combs for versatile styling.
  • Professional cutting system: Shorter ceramic cutter and rounded tips for safe, snag-free haircuts.
  • 55db(A) ultra low noise: Operate in peace with our quietest hair clipper for a kid-friendly experience.
  • Slim blades: Easily navigate and clip your kid’s small head, reaching tricky areas around the ears effortlessly.

Specifications of Philips Kids’ Hair Clipper HC1055/15

Trimmer Type Hair Clipper
Charging Time
Use Time
Fully Washable Yes
Shorter Ceramic Cutter Yes
Cordless & corded operation Yes
Max power consumption 2 W
Voltage 100-240 V
Battery type Ni-MH
Combs Included Multiple
Length Setting 1mm-12mm
Warranty 2 Years

features Basic Features

Trimmer Type

Charging Time

Use Time

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