Wespoint Garment Steamer WF-1158

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  Removable Water Tank

  Anti-Slip Wheels

  Easy Detachable Body Parts

  1200 Watts 220 – 240V – 50/60Hz

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Westpoint
Collection: Westpoint Iron
Category: Garment Steamer

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This top-of-the-line steamer is equipped with an automatic water supply system and a leakage-proof valve, ensuring a continuous flow of water and preventing any accidents. It also comes with six different power settings to accommodate all your steaming needs, plus an extendable aluminum hook that can reach even the most difficult areas. And if you need to take a break, no problem just detach the body parts and store them safely away. Plus, our affordable price tag means you can get your hands on this powerhouse steamer without breaking the bank.

The automatic water supply with a leakage-proof valve is an excellent choice for those who have outdoor activities or work at elevations where it’s difficult to access the source of tap water. The tank has 3 cups worth of capacity and can provide enough fresh H2O so that you don’t feel dehydration symptoms like thirst, fatigue & weakness due to poor intake choices during hot weather conditions

Product specification

  • Automatic Water Supply with Leakage Proof Valve
  • Water Tank Capacity 3.3 Liter
  • Six Types of Powers to Choose
  • Extendable Aluminum Hook
  • Water Wash Valve

3 reviews for Wespoint Garment Steamer WF-1158

  1. Eman Adnan (verified owner)

    Great item/ super product, Product quality is supreme , Delivery within time and good packing.

  2. Tufail (verified owner)

    Great deal. Nice original packaging. Good transaction

  3. Iftikhar Mustafa (verified owner)

    Good product in this price range! Just received it today, hope so it will work well!👍 5 stars

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All Units Sold

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